Installation Instructions.

(Coastal Classic ™ Model)


Method 1. At-a-Glance. (For experienced installers)

Please make use of our interactive 3D graphic display on the Main page for easy reference (photo below).

To navigate: hold and drag the screen in any direction for a 360-degree view.  Click on a product to activate the specifications mode. Double-click the BACK button to return when needed. Read the information on the assembly components. Use the mouse scroll to Zoom In/Out.  Observe the graphic details during the Assemble/Disassemble animation.  Hold the mouse scroll while dragging the screen to see hidden areas. For an unobscured view, close the instructions screen at any time by pressing X.



Method 2. Step-by-Step Guidance.


Please read and follow the instructions below. Review the visual aids. Pay attention to the selective focus in some images. Use the 3D graphic display on the Main page for additional guidance.

NOTE: Two-man crew recommended for faster turnaround.


Step 1. Cut the aluminum insert for the top and the bottom rails 5/16’’ shorter. Attach the mounting brackets to the ends of both pieces with # 8 metal screws (Photo 1).

NOTE: Make sure the profile has a snug fit between the posts.


Photo 1.


Step 2. Using the calculator ( lay out the aluminum insert for the top rail only. Mark the edge of each baluster at the bottom of the insert.

NOTE: The calculator output values will mark the outer edges of balusters (Photo 2).


Photo 2.


Step 3. Cut the bottom PVC cap rail to the appropriate length.

Step 4.Transfer the layout from the top aluminum insert (see Step 2) to the bottom PVC cap rail.

Step 5. Drill ¼’’ holes through the top aluminum according to the layout.

Step 6. Determine the position of the support legs in relation to the balusters. NOTE: The supports are 4" for 28’’ balusters @ 36’’ rail height. The recommended space for the support legs is 4’ +/-.  Drill ¼’’ holes and attach 4’’ support legs to the bottom aluminum insert with 2 ½’’ screws (Photo 3).


Photo 3.


Step 7. Use the installation bracket (not included) to center the balusters on the bottom PVC rail (Photo 4).


Photo 4.

Step 8. Attach the bottom PVC cap rail to the balusters (28" for 36" rail sections)​ with # 10 2½" star drive screws (Photo 5).


Photo 5.


Step 9. Using the same screws (#10 2 ½’’), attach the balusters to the top aluminum (Photo 6). You have now assembled a section of railings.


Photo 6.


Step 10. Install the bottom aluminum insert 3 ¾’’ up from the deck (Photo 7).

HINT: Use temporary 4" blocks on each end of the aluminum. Remove temporary blocks when finished.


Photo 7.


Step 11. Snap the rail section onto the bottom aluminum profile (Photo 8).


Photo 8.​


Step 12. Attach the top rail to the posts with 2 ½’’ screws. Make sure that the solid blocking is installed to receive the mounting screws (Photo 9).


Photo 9.


Step 13. Cut the top PVC cap rail 1/32 - 1/16 longer (depending on the length) and install it by pressing firmly at each end first, and then at the middle (Photo 10).


Photo 10.