Architectural millwork

Solid cellular PVC decorative chippendale patterns
Custom Railings

CNC Milled patterns

At CoastalClassic, all of our patterns are custom-made to size, ensuring a perfect fit, much like a tailor-made suit.
Blade Glass

Blade Glass system

The sleek and modern design of blade glass railings features high-polished stainless steel posts with tempered glass panels that create a sophisticated and contemporary look.


Ultimate 3d visualization

We provide a 3D visualization service to enhance your project experience and refine your exclusive designs prior to construction.

Glass railings

LED light

CoastalClassic's polished handrails with LED lights offer a sharp and effective solution for those seeking a modern and stylish railing system.
Custom Rope Railings

Custom Rope Railings

Rope railings blend seamlessly into natural environment
Clean Cable lines

Contemporary style

Cable railings

sharp lines for modern design house

PVC Railing

Horizontal PVC with mahogany top rail

PVC Railings custom designs

Glass Railing

Clear View Glass Railing

Free standing Glass Railing (Clear View) with wood Top Rail

Coastal Classic Railings

Premium Materials for Premium Homes

Coastal Classic Railings sells and installs premium railings for high-end homes. From traditional to modern looks with flair, we offer custom design solutions for all your needs.

PVC Louver Railings

PVC Lantern Louvers Railings

Solid cellular PVC Lantern Louver Railings with Wood Top

Rod Railing

Stainless Steal Rod Railing

Rod Railing (Shore Rod) 317 Stainless Steal Rod Railing
#5 under

Clear View Glass Railing

Glass Railing (Clear View) shown with clip mounting and Wood Cap Railing

Outdoor Sun Shade

PVC Pergola

Pergola design with aluminum laminated stackable beam wrapped in solid cellular PVC

Cables are made of 317L stainless

Cable Railing Outdoor and indoor applications

Exterior open view cable railing

"Trademark" PVC railings

Trippe Rails system

Classic look with triple rail by CCR

Rod Railing Outdoor

and indoor applications

"Shore Rod" Horizontal rod railings provide modern look to your house

High quality, Premium materials High quality, Premium materials

We are a growing company with passion for home improvement and maximizing the dollar value. Our philosophy is that a premium home deserves premium materials that last a lifetime. We understand business and we listen. We appreciate quality, and we know the value of good product. We have used your feedback and worked with the architects to optimize our designs:

Arched design

cellular PVC has special weather-resistant an UV coating

#6 under

Our cables are fully functional and adjustable

sustain heavy loads and can be tightened long after the installation.

#7 under

Glass Railing (Clear View)

Clear Vier Glass Railing


Cable Railing

Mooring Cable Railing


Cable Railing

Mooring Cable Railing


LED Lighting

Cable Railing (Mooring) LED Lighting


We offer free local delivery, fast turnaround

(most shipments within 3 business day)

and installation on site.

Our products Our products

Trademark system is a traditional classic design.The Trademark railing is build using our solid cellular PVC. Our premium PVC material gives the look of feel of wood. The Trademark system can be built with optional double or triple top rails. A variety of PVC and wood cap rail options are available.
Our Cable Railing system provide a nautical design true to it's name Mooring. The naughtical meaning of mooring is "making fast a vessel by a cable or anchor". our Cable Railing System provides beauty with strength. All the material used with this design is true 316th austenitic marine grade stainless steel. The Mooring Cable railing system has...
The Shore Rod Railing system is one of the most modern architectural railing styles available in the market. The Shore Rod Railing system is designed to provide strength, style and nautical character. The material in this design is virtually maintenance free. This system is veridical to interior and exterior applications.
As the name suggests, this unique design is all about peace and quiet. Angled PVC slats make great noise insulators but allow enough air and light. Perfect for privacy lovers who enjoy a little solitude, as well as for discreetly covering utility areas, such as large A/C units.  
Frameless Glass Railings (Clear View) The Clear View Railing system provides architectural beauty with a non-obstructed Clear View. The Clear View glass design is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. When looking at the perfect view look through the Clear View. 
At Coastal Classic, we specialize in custom millwork, including decorative brackets, posts, architectural accents, and pergolas.
Just a few ideas on using our new fence system. Made from strong aluminum extrusions. White and black colors in stock.
Blage Glass system is a new design featuring 1/2 tempered glass with 316 stainless high polished blade posts. Posts have glass like finish and almost disappear from the distance but add a clean detail uplcose.
CoastalClassic specializes in crafting unique railing systems for homes that require special features. We offer custom metal posts and decorative panels to create a one-of-a-kind focal point.

Our products Our railings are

Premium icon


Materials made to specifications, approved by architects

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Building code approved

Simple Install icon


Step-by-step instructions available

Repair icon


No rust or chipping, pre-finished



Rock- solid materials, full-length aluminum inserts

Custom icon


Curved, angled, wrap-around



Clean and vibrant look



Decks, porches, terraces, balustrades, docks, balconies

Our products Galleries

Our products Check out our additional info

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Introducing the stylish and modern Aluminum Horizontal Fence, designed to provide privacy and enhance the look of your home. Made from high-quality aluminum material, this fence is strong, durable,...

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Pvc louvered doors
Pvc louvered doors

Pvc louvered doors are good choice for exterior aplication. Outside shovers, mecanical equipment decks, trash cans enclosures.  

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Stainless cable rail design
Stainless cable rail design

This is how we help CCR customers to visualize custom railings. 

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